Some iphone stories

So the other day I was doing what most Moms do on a Friday night- chores. Yes yes, I know…I know how to get down. I was specifically doing laundry and my lovely four year old really wanted to help which I thought was the cutest thing ever. What could possibly go wrong??? A lot. A lot. I just. I can’t even begin to describe all the wrong that can happen. Let’s just say I had placed my iPhone on the clean pile fresh out of the dryer while I loaded the not clean in the washer. My adorable four year old got a little confused and grabbed a sheet out of the clean pile- and that had my phone in it. Somehow it didn’t fall out, and somehow I didn’t notice what said child was doing. Flash forward about 15 minutes and I’m looking everywhere for my darn iPhone4s!!! I knew I had just had it. Finally, it hit me- that feeling in your stomach where all hope in life goes when you realize what happened. I ran downstairs to the washer and to my great displeasure I heard it the, “clunk clunk” sound in my very full of water washer. Doom, I felt impending doom. I opened that door and there my iPhone was- wet and glorious. (a moment of silence please while we think of this tragic moment). Anyways- I panicked and completely unprepared I began drying it and blowing in it and as I’m attempting to turn it on my very smart husband yells at me to not turn it on. Then, he takes it to his “man cave” where he worked some sort of voodoo for three days and fixed it. OK- so maybe it wasn’t iPhone voodoo but it was awesome and worked. But what do I do if it that happened again?- To find the answer I went and did what any genius mom would- I googled. And I’m here, my friends, to share the love. So here’s what to do if your phone gets dropped in the toilet, a puddle, or God forbid- a washing machine.

While there are no promises in unlocking the iphone4s yourself, and even some risk involved- I thought I would research some iphone questions I had in more depth. I’m not sure about you, but whenever I teach myself something I always have about a million more questions I want answered. I’m never really fully satisfied with the simple assumption- so this is for those of you that are annoyingly curious like me.

We now live in a world where iPhones rule the market. The good thing about this is of course the quality if the device and also how easy it can make our lives. I no longer judge a ten year old for having their own iPhone because I’m a parent now- I want my kids tracked and easily located. I get it. However, the problem with this ease and quality is the price. Most of cannot afford 800 dollars for the latest and greatest iphone when the older iPhones work perfectly well. This is why a lot of people will look for used iPhone to purchase before putting down some big money on a new one. If that’s you-if you’ve recently purchased an older phone and need to unlock it- you found the right place!

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